F.A.Q – Aran Islands

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main attraction on the Island?

Dun Aonghasa is the main attraction on the Aran Islands. It is a prehistoric fort set on a 300 foot cliff and offers tremendous views. It is accessible by bike which is the most popular method of access.

What time does my Ferry depart?

Check your Ferry ticket, your return time is usually written on it.

How far away is Dun Aonghasa?

Dun Aonghasa is a 30 minute cycle on a bike which is four miles away from Kilronan Pier, The Aran Islands

Which is the best route to take to Dun Aonghasa?

There is 2 options and both routes take 30 minutes ; The main road to Dun Aonghasa has an incline This route offers amazing views.

Option 2 is the the coast road which is virtually flat and takes you along the coast line of the island. The seal colony is on the coastal road. This is the option preferred by the most leisurely cyclists.

Is it possible to have bikes delivered to my place of accommodation?

Yes. Aran Bike Hire delivers bikes each morning to the accommodation providers on the island when people request this.

Which side of the road do I cycle on?

In Ireland and on the Aran Islands, you cycle on the left side of the road.

Should I wear a helmet?

We strongly recommend you wear a helmet and Aran Bike Hire provides them free of charge to the customer.

What time does my ferry depart the island?

Your return time is written on your ferry ticket. Check your ferry ticket. The return time is noted on your ticket.

Where are the breaks on the bike located?

There are two breaks on the bikes which are located on the handlebars.

How do I break safely?

Use the left hand break which operates the rear wheel. This may be different to your home country.

We are a large group. Is it safe to cycle on the island?

The island has always been popular for groups. Keep in mind, to cycle on the left hand side of the road and in single file. It is a good idea to stay at a comfortable speed.

Is the Worm Hole worth seeing?

The Worm Hole has grown in popularity since the Red Bull World Cliff Diving Championship.

Is it easy to find complete isolation on the island?

Yes. There are many byroads off the beaten track where one can find wilderness and an abundance of wildlife. There are several isolated beaches.

If I want to stay over on the island, is it possible to book accommodation and change my ferry ticket?

Yes it is possible. Make sure you call the Ferry company. The telephone number is on your ferry ticket.

Is there internet / wifi on the island?

Yes there is free wifi in Spar food market which is en route to the fort and cliffs.

Is there phone coverage on the island?

The island has 80% phone coverage.

I have a young child, can I take him/her along cycling with me?

Yes. Aran Bike Hire provides child seats free of charge.

Is there any other option beside child seats to take a young child?

Aran Bike Hire also has Tagalong bikes and enclosed buggies which attach to the back of a bike. Aran Bike Hire also has a large selection of kids bikes which are very popular.

What is an electric bike?

An electric bike has battery powered assist. An electric bike is not a motorcycle, it is battery operated which will assist you with your cycling.

How long does the battery last?

The battery on an electric bike will last for 50km which is sufficient to cycle all around the island.

What should I take with me on the cycle to Dun Aonghasa?

Sunblock, bottles of water, are available in the Spar supermarket along with any other essentials or food and beverages you may need.

Is there a group discount available?

Yes. Aran Bike Hire welcomes and caters for groups.

Do the bikes have gears of different speeds?

All the bikes have gearing systems so as to make your day as pleasurable as possible

How do I know what bike is best for me?

If you are uncertain one our specially trained staff would be glad to assist you in making the right decision on choosing a bike.

We have a group, is the cycle to Dun Aonghasa suitable for a day trip from Galway or Doolin?

Yes. This is one of the most popular day excursions in Ireland.

How long is the walk from the bike park to Dun Aonghasa?

The 15 minute walk is a requirement for anybody wishing to visit Dun Aonghasa and the cliffs.

Is it possible to walk along the cliffs?

Yes. You can walk anywhere on the island, including along the cliffs.

What happens if I get a flat tire?

Aran Bike Hire provides roadside assistance. Details are on the complimentary map you receive when you hire a bike.

Is it possible to camp on Inis Mor Island?

Yes. It is possible to Camp & Glamp on Inis Mor Island. There are numerous types of accommodation available.

Do the bikes have gears?

All the bikes have gears, so as to make your day as pleasant as possible.