Inis Oírr (Inisheer) – things to see & do

Places to Visit on Inis Oírr

Caislean Ui Bhriain and Dun Fhormna:
This is a large three story castle built around 1585 and is thought to have been built by the O’Brien family.
Cill Ghobnait:
A Small 9th Century church now laying in ruins.
Teampall Chaomhain Caomhan:
The ruins of a church built to honour, Caomhain Caomhan the patron saint of Inissheer. A festival is celebrated on the 14th of June each year in his honour. The church ruins date back to the 12th Century.
Wreck of the Plassey:
Located on Carraig na Finise is the wreck of the cargo vessel “Plassey” which was shipwrecked in the 1960’s. The islanders rescued the entire crew from the vessel during storm force weather using Breeches Buoy without the loss of a single sailor. In later years with the strong Atlantic Ocean’s waves the wreck thrown up on the rocks well above high tide mark. The National Maritime Museum in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin features a large display with pictures taken during the rescue.
Cill Ghobnait:
Small 9th Century church
Cnoc Raithni:
Bronze age tumulus (mound) dating from 2000B.C.
Tobar Einne:
The holy well of St.Enda, the patron saint of Inis Oirr, although now is ruins the well is greatly respected by the islanders.